Launched during ArtHK week in May 2011 at the Espace Louis Vuitton, See the Light presents works from 11 artists who uses light as the medium and message and attempts to transform the viewer from thinking of light as, well a light source, and into something deeper.

International and local artists featured include Qiu Zhijie, Kingsley Ng, Map Office, Jiang Pengyi, Tracey Emin, Leila Pazooki, Stephen Antonakos, Alan Chan, James Clar, David LaChapelle and Tsang Kinwah.

Let’s be enlightened.

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I See the Light…
by Alan Chan

What is light mean to me? It makes the invisible become visible, shows us direction and enlightens our mind.

As we see light, there is dream, there is future, there is hope.

In this series of prints, I pay tribute to figures whose works have greatly inspired me, namely Andy Warhol, Tadao Ando, the Heart Sutra in Buddhism, Ikko Tanaka, Damien Hirst and I.M. Pei.

The Chinese character ‘light’ (光) is reflected in the geometrical layout. While we see the ‘light’ we also keep on be inspired by visual icons that will keep shed light on contemporary culture.

  • Client Louis Vuitton
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  • Industry Luxury Brand/Art and culture/