KILLER LE ROUGE AN ALAN CHAN CONCEPT is a designer lipstick brand created by Alan Chan, assembled by an international team. Empowered with a bold and innovative packaging and sumptuously attractive colours, KILLER LE ROUGE transforms into a bullet of red lips and unleash basic instincts in modern women.

Total branding design

Alan Chan acts as Creative Director to initiate brand strategy, design and packaging concepts, along with Korean beauty product industrial designer Park Jinsoo to create the signature bullet lipstick shape. Alan remarks, ‘Women are muses to me in many splendid ways and their lips are the sexiest. As a dedication to them, I came up with this idea to design a lipstick. KILLER LE ROUGE provides long-lasting confidence and instant killer charm to all women inside and out.’

Product design

With more than 40 years experiences of over 1,000 branding and design exercises, Alan has developed a distinctive aesthetic pivot throughout his professional career. Collaborating with a team of global talents, the creation of KILLER LE ROUGE is a combination from the best-in-class with operation and sales management by Chinese up-and-coming startup Screambar, concept and design by world-acclaimed designers, research and development supported jointly by high-end lipstick manufacturers AXILONE from France and INTERCOS from Italy.

A limited edition – the aluminum gun bag designed by Alan and his team is a thoughtful gift recommendation.

  • Client Screambar
  • Category Total branding design/Packaging design/Product design/
  • Industry Luxury Brand/